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Submit Assignment for Word Processing Unit A word processing application allows you to create a variety of documents like letters, flyers, and reports. Formatting Text Learn how to format text to 2031 your Word documents more appealing. Computer Basics Computer Basicsfrom GCF Learn Free – This tutorial provides overviews on several topics related to how computers work, including the parts of a computer, understanding the Internet and источник статьи cloud, and keeping your computer clean. By the end of this unit you should be able to explain basic ICT concepts, use and demonstrate the use of software applications particularly Word Gcf learning microsoft word 2013 free. Topic outline.

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When you are exploring curriculum options, one of the most important factors for consideration is whether or not it covers the required topics to meet your students’ needs. These tutorials are free-standing, so you can mix and match based on what your students need.

There are resources included for Microsoft Office , , , and , to ensure the lessons are tailored to the specific software available in your classroom. The curriculum is designed to teach the basics of each application to set your students up for success on the Microsoft Office Specialist certification and their future careers. You’ll also get access to over hours of resources on business fundamentals, career readiness, and digital literacy. In addition to aligning with the curriculum topics you teach, you need to ensure that the intended audience and age level of the Microsoft Office lessons are appropriate for your students needs.

GCF is a free and open resource that anyone is able to access – from elementary school students to adult learners. This means their curriculum is not focused on any particular audience, and it will be up to you as a teacher to decide whether the topics offered are suitable for your class level. The resources are tailored to facilitate learning within these age groups, using a mix of delivery methods to keep the students engaged.

You may find that your teaching preferences and how your students learn will dictate which one is the best fit for you. GCF Microsoft Office is a tutorial-based resource that offers a mix of text, video and step-by-step walkthroughs to facilitate different learning styles.

Each tutorial has a single quiz at the end for your students to practice what they learn. However, it’s important to note that these quizzes aren’t tracked for the teacher to review.

The tutorials can be teacher or student-led, depending on how you want to implement them in your classroom. Overall, GCFLearnFree will be a good fit if you are looking for a resource that can be self taught or teacher led and you don’t mind putting together additional assessments to measure student learning. It’s delivered via a system of interactive eLearning lessons, skills practice, and both formative and summative assessments.

The Explore phase consists of teacher-led activities, designed to capture your students interest. These student-led lessons are presented through a combination of videos, step-by-step instructions, inline questions, and other interactive learning experiences. In many of the Microsoft Office lessons, students work within the actual application to complete tasks and create a real document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

While working through the interactive lessons, students can also complete worksheets and guided notes to better retain information. The Reflect phase is teacher-led and is designed to help your students review and reconcile the concepts they have learned in the module. Finally, in the Reinforce phase your students will work through independent projects to help solidify and expand on the concepts and skills they learned in the module.

Great digital resources will help simplify teaching, so you can save time on lesson planning and grading, while allowing you to keep students more engaged. Coursera is one of the biggest e-learning platforms where you can learn courses from well known Universities of the world.

There are some Microsoft Office programs with a vast and detailed syllabus. In addition with quizzes, tests, peer graded assignments.

You can also learn practical problems and earn certificates which helps to get a job or promotion easily. If you have a LinkedIn account you should definitely check out their learning center for Microsoft Office. There are different courses according to your need. Moreover, sorted by beginners, intermediate and advanced.

You can earn a certificate and add to your profile rich. Again, you can learn specific Microsoft Office programs in detail and advance in edX.

Bigger Brains is another e-learning platform where individuals and teams can learn everything from basics to advanced skills to become a master of Microsoft Office Suite. GoSkills provides course materials specifically in English language including various Microsoft Office application courses. Here, you can learn from skilled instructors and be proficient in any or all Microsoft Office applications.

Here are several YouTube channels that provide Microsoft Office training videos for free which will help you learn easily. Technology for Teachers and Students has a great number of concise and detailed video tutorials for learning Microsoft Office. There are also video tutorials about OneNote, OneDrive, and Sway which would help you to learn some intermediate and advanced topics too.

Additionally, one can select from specific video tutorials of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook for various versions of Office. There is also a bunch of tips and tricks to make you more fluent in Office suite. The simple and concept based approach will make you love this channel. You can get into specifics such as working with an address book in Outlook or calculating numbers with Excel. This channel is dedicated to Microsoft Excel and you can learn details and get opportunities to work with empirical data.

Moreover, those who want to skyrocket their Excel skills can look up to this channel. You can also take a peek at certain topics like formatting in Word or importing data in Excel. Another channel has a playlist dedicated to Microsoft Office which offers technical and insider tutorials for Microsoft Office , Office , and Office Online.

You can get an overview of Office as well as individual software applications as well as The Microsoft Company. If you are a beginner this channel might be a great help for you as they have less than 15 minutes videos and focus on basic stuff. Undoubtedly, it will help you to learn Microsoft Office applications quickly. YouTube channels offer a list of tutorial videos dedicated to Microsoft Office as well as other older versions of Office.

Most videos are short and precise, which make them simple for you to understand the basics of Office applications. Hopefully, these websites, videos and tutorials will help you to improve your Microsoft Office skills and push further to become an Office guru!

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The LMS will provide access to the resources and activities. Microsott, the purpose of word processing software is to enable a computer and an attached printer to be used as a typewriter. Printing Documents URL. Text Basics An in-depth look at ways to enter, edit, and work with text in Word Once you have completed the tutorial, see if you can print it gcf learning microsoft word 2013 free. Announcements Forum. Word Basics Getting to Know Word.


Free Office Tutorials at GCFGlobal.Free Word Tutorial at GCFGlobal

More generally, as the name suggests, its purpose is to create , compose , edit , format , store and send to print any text material or linguistic data. They can also be easily updated and edited! Getting started in Windows. Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows , from Microsoft – Use these keystroke combinations to perform tasks for which you would otherwise use a mouse. Try and create a handout that you can use in your class.