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Remember Me? The No. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an logic pro x live performance free commission. Learn more. Thank you Gearspace. Choosing Logic X for live performance over MainStage. Hey Logic users, I am wanting to use logic X for a live set. Especially if I use a strong enough dedicated computer. And a minimal to moderate number of tracks and plugins. Other Lice like Digital Logic pro x live performance free are used even promoted as being stable live in major live concerts, and never have issues of crashing.

Why not Logic? Has anybody tried using logic X in a live set if so How did it go? Thanks for all your help and wisdom. I’m interested in this as well. In fact, was perfprmance to post a similar thread. I haven’t really tried any of the newer versions of Mainstage.

The perofrmance I wanted to try this is to have control over 3rd party synth parameters as it was recorded into the track. Keen to know, if there are any stability concerns? Yeah a lot of people are viewing this thread. I think a lot of us logic users wish there was something more with mainstage and using the automation in a performxnce setting. However for now I think I’m going to just stick with ableton in a live setting. Hopefully logic or mainstage will be able to do this in the future.

My Studio. I’m having to figure this same thing out for a TV gig. I want logic pro x live performance free use a vocal fx chain off of my rig while they run stems You have to see MS as a big synth workstation that you can frde external stuff in it but there is nothing to playback automation to my knowledge.

I don’t see why Logic wouldn’t work. But with Logic, you’d have to load a new project before each new song. MS loads all its settings on startup, so everything’s available instantly. The biggest issue with logic in a live setting is that you have to make the tracks you want to play live If you have multiple songs with multiple tracks you have to remember to put ljve tracks in нажмите чтобы узнать больше mode every time you start a song.

Other than that I find logic usable for live applications. I usually turnoff the track so that I can still see the midi events to remember passages, changes etc. Anything you make “live” whether via record arming or live input arming fgee stay on one core unless specifically implemented otherwise by devs. What the OP seems to be asking for is a sequencer to run alongside Mainstage, as mainstage lacks the timeline that Logic has.

There are many 3rd party sequencers out there that will happily run midi only alongside mainstage, and Logic may pedformance be used this way. The problem imo with Logic is that it’s built for logic pro x live performance free and thus getting your midi to run realtime requires the same ‘live’ arming tricks mentioned above so it’s in sync with the core audio buffersize rather than the ‘mix’ buffer setting in Logic.

Hey Any hiccups to be prepared for? Live to TV feed The show will run stems and I will be running live vocal fx pulled from the original production. My thought is to be sent the live vocal from them on an AUX. I can just send them all the effect on a stereo channel and they can control the overall logic pro x live performance free. Though it’s a heavy fx chain, it’s still not intense compared to running soft synths.

Or are there any latency concerns? Not that this would happen Your best bet would be to try it a few days before hand. I have had a few glitches with the Playback engine in MS but that жмите сюда probably user error. Will they let you use your own interface so you can test the latency before you do the show?

What interface will you be using? For travel purposes I was thinking of just using a Duet. Small and simple. On one hand I could get away with a tiny bit of latency running just the fx. But obviously it’s not the goal. Посетить страницу источник you elaborate a little bit how Numerology could work as a sequencer along with MainStage? I am running into a problem where Ableton is indeed overkill and a bit too long winded for basic playback.

Thank you. You would use the IAC driver in AudioMidi setup to route midi from numerology to mainstage basically. Numerology can be your ‘sequencing timeline’ and mainstage the ‘workstation’ that you’re ‘sequencing’ more or less. I know Logic 9 is stable for live with MBP. Maybe it’s just the matter of time since it’s newer. I think it should be stable too. Would be great if mainstage had a timeline. Seems kind of a obvious thing to leave out but I guess that’s one of the main logic pro x live performance free it can differentiate its self from other programs.

Just thought I’d share experiences of using Logic 9 live. I produce all my tracks in Logic so wanted to use a familiar DAW for my live sets. What I do is bounce everything I can down to a single backing track and have one, sometimes two input tracks with FX etc on for playing guitar live. I use live mode because it’s less of a drag on the CPU, you lose out on stuff like amp modelling. Changing projects peeformance an issue, so I use OnStage to open and lgic projects, ignoring the save project dialogue, via ‘program change’ midi commands.

I don’t have a midi controller that does this, so I use the logic pro x live performance free on my Akai keyboard, routed into midi pipe, which are then converted to program change commands, which are then fed in Onstage – convoluted but it works. I use Logic in 32 bit mode because when I used 64 bit mode the 64bit bridge thingy kept crashing – I’ve had no issues in 32 bit mode though.

I also run Resolume alongside all this for visuals, with a midi track in Logic routed out through the IAC bus to trigger visuals in Resolume. All this sounds like a recipe for disaster but it all runs surprising well on my MBP. There are a couple of things I’ve found which affect performance, like if you have a midi track selected, regardless if you’re playing a virtual instrument live or not, the CPU maxes out – logic pro x live performance free best to have an audio track selected instead.

Anyway, bit late to the party here – hopefully this will be of some use to logci out there! I use Logic X live all the time.

No probs whatsoever. In fact, I think it’s brilliant. Nonsense on Logic being unreliable for live use. I’ve used it exclusively oogic to run some pretty major concert tours, and it has been essentially bullet proof. For the last 10 years or so, I have used it exclusively for all my sounds as well, all while playing stems from Logic and even sending time code for video at times.

Mainstage is definitely cool for an advanced synth lgoic, but you can do just about anything in Logic’s environment as well. Go for it. That’s strange that you heard LPX is not stable for live. I have also been a logic user for over a decade and I find MS to be the unreliable one.

Logic is solid. Kylo Marx. I’ll pre record my tracks and most likely make a custom playlist in iTunes. Essentially I’ll have a karaoke style recording where I will simply play my rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals.

Asides from using my expression pedal. Just thought I’d write something seeing as I haven’t yet. I now use Gig Performer for live. Hi All, Thanks for the mention gdoubleyou Running live VIs alongside your timeline for playback in Logic Pro X certainly works, although large tours tend to have separate dedicated rigs for loic and keyboards.

PRO features include multiple auto-loading setlists controlled either by the dedicated virtual port or an external hardware MIDI controller for quick setlist changes.

Hope this acdsee 10 product key free. The FluQe Team. Doug O. I now have Logic x. If you want to layer patches such as a violin arco, strings, smooth pad, moog and a Rhodes for Attack I find you have to use Logic logic pro x live performance free, agree?


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Logic Pro X has great stock mixing plugins that can get the job done, and overall it has a cleaner and improved UI than it’s predecessor. There’s more you can. Logic Pro is a complete professional recording studio on the Mac. Capture your compositions and performances — from tracking a live band to a solo.


Logic pro x live performance free


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Logic Pro is a complete professional recording studio on the Mac. Capture your compositions and performances — from tracking a live band to a solo. This free and helpful Quick Start Guide will advise you on the gear you need to get started, and walk you through how to set up your DAW, OBS. Running live VIs alongside your timeline for playback in Logic Pro X certainly works, although large tours tend to have separate dedicated rigs for playback and.