Our History:
From breaking to artistic innovation

The company was born from the same artistic doubts and inclinations that each of its founders had, where breaking was the catalysing language. Dancing and creating are essential for us. With time, our passion has carried us to explore new horizons in the dance world and in performing arts, beyond breaking.

About the company

Our mission is clear: create experiences that connect, inspire and transcend. We are passionate about research and innovation, always challenging the established norms and capturing the essence of urban culture in our productions.

Our disruptive aesthetic nurtures exploration of the sensations and emotions that reside within the human creature.

Beyond the stage: Education, Training and Collaboration

We are not only performing artists; we also educate and promote culture. Our learning modules and cultural projects offer the opportunity to experience the enthusiasm and joy of movement and dance to professionals and to the general public. We believe in supporting, accompanying and collaborating with other artists and communities in creative processes.

Transforming Ideas
into Reality

We mentor artists and industry professionals, accompanying them in the process of perfecting their art and realizing their creative ideas. We also provide personalized assessments, undertaking the artistic direction and programming for events and festivals. If you have a unique vision, we are ready to work on it and realize your vision for your project.

Iron Skulls Co is committed to the investigation and construction of bridges between the past, present and future through movement. We are here to inspire, support and give life to culture in all of its forms.


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Diego Garrido

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Luis A. Muñoz

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Moisés “Moe”

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Héctor Plaza “Buba”

The Team

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Leah Brooke Newcomb

Grants Management and Administrative Support

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Barbora Silonova

Manager and Distribution Support

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Óscar González

Engineering and Technical Management

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Vicente R.

Audiovisual Production and Technical Support


Featured Performances


Danza en la Ciudad, Bogotá, Colombia


Ubumuntu Arts Festival, Kigali, Ruanda


Teatros del Canal, Madrid


Festival Prisma, Panamá


Abril pra Dança, Sao Paulo, Brasil


Internationale Tanzmesse, Dusseldorf, Germany


Summer Dance Forever, Amsterdam


Kuopio Dance Festival, Finland


Summer Stage Festival, New York


Breakin’ Convention Festival, Sadler’s Wells, London


‘Azul Petróleo’ Show nominated for Max Awards


SóLODOS en Danza Award – Costa Rica Tour


Audience Award at the Festival 15m2


Audience Award at CDC4 competition


‘Kintsugi’ Show in the Danza a Escena Catalogue


HipHop Award at the Burgos – New York International Dance Contest


Nominated for the Butaca de Catalunya Awards


Awarded CYL es Vida in the Burgos – New York International Hiphop Contest


Emerging Company Award at the Feria Umore Azoka


Audience Choice Award at the Feria de Teatro y Danza de Huesca