Iron Modvm


Iron Skulls Co


08.01.2017 Teatre SAT, Barcelona


60/75 mins

Style & genre

Contemporary Urban Dance




Diego Garrido
Héctor Plaza “Buba”
Luis Muñoz
Moisés “Moe”
+ guest local artists for battles

Iron Modvm is a project that searches for cultural transmission or dialogue within the culture of urban dance in performing arts. In a performance format, the company inhabits the stage or scenic space with their own language of movement, Theatrical Breakin’.

This performance is an experience as diverse as its members. On one side, the company presents works of contemporary urban dance, and on the other, they curate danced dialogues or battles between local artists from the city where the show is performed. All of this is guided by a presenter and set to live music.

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The format of the event is modular, and can be modified in time and proportion, as well as the number of artists involved in the danced dialogues or battles.
Iron Modvm program configuration example:
5 min.
Performance: Nunca Bailaré solo
10 min.
Local artist battle
5 min.
Performance: La Perla
20 min.
Local artist battle
5 min.
Performance: Kintsugi
15 min.
Farewell circle with all the artists
5 min.
Total duration
75 min.