Momento del espectáculo No Labels

No Labels

NoLabels is a project composed of various participatory activities, searching for a dialogue between different disciplines, building community around performing arts and movement. The goal is to break apart established labels.

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NoLabels.battle is a participatory encounter between groups of movement artists presented by a “speaker,” and set to live music where, in phases with different improvisation guidelines, danced dialogues are generated in the performance space, mutating according to the impulses of the artists together with the lighting and sound technicians who compose the scene.

The encounter is based on the breakdown of the aesthetics, labels and norms of conventional urban dance events. 

NoLabels.jam is a dance jam that combines spontaneity with a curated scenic environment, guided by artists, submerging the participants in a safe environment for freedom of expression. 

This multidisciplinary jam with live music and lighting facilitates improvisation, self-awareness, and danced dialogue between the participants, creating unique synergies and connections.